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Sophie Turner signs for fans at the Game of Thrones premiere in Milan


Sophie Turner signs for fans at the Game of Thrones premiere in Milan



when i say altar sex is important, it’s because altar sex is important. here you have two people who have been in a forbidden relationship since they were children. it’s something they always had to live in secret, never able to pledge to one another for the world to see and know. and yet jaime and cersei lannister are married, in a way. because yes, the world doesn’t know, but when it comes to the gods, they know. they see. when jaime and cersei take each other in the sept, it’s all the marriage they will ever be granted and allowed. it’s before the gods because they can’t have it before their kingdom. cersei struggles, tries and say something about the gods watching, because it feels unholy, but in the end she concedes because let the gods watch, let the gods be witnesses when no one else can

let the gods know what no one else can ever see

after all

"do you have a little wife sir?"

i don’t have a wife

i have a sister

Are you always certain which one [clone] you’re dealing with?

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  • liking a piece of media does not automatically mean you think it is perfect or agree with its creators
  • even if you are not openly critical of it
  • because you don’t HAVE to be openly critical of it
  • there is an enormous difference between being an apologist for something and wanting to dwell on the good parts of a thing you like because it makes you happy, please stop conflating these two things
  • not talking about the flaws of a thing does not mean you do not recognize the flaws of a thing
  • nobody has to apologize for liking what they like and nobody should be shamed for liking a thing
  • your fave is problematic too
  • also
  • you are not a better person than someone just because your favorite piece of media is less problematic than theirs
  • you aren’t


Dude, yes.

Added to: just because I don’t talk about it on Tumblr, doesn’t mean I don’t talk about it at all. Just means I choose my area of discourse. 

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“ I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you, and lost the best part of me along the way. Don’t tell me to l e a v e . 

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ROBIN: If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.
TED: What’s that?
ROBIN: Timing.



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miss him, by the way.

There was something really good about him.

He had a good little innocent spark in there.

A real soul.”   

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game of thrones | two swords | 4.01


game of thrones | two swords | 4.01

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"The Kingslayer, now […] he’s not the sort. Too fond of the sight of blood on that golden sword of his."

elie saab details

elie saab details

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AM posters (US tour)

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